If You Want More from Life


Hypnotherapy rewrites thoughts and behaviors to help you live a better life.

Take Control and Live for Today

Hypnosis Will Help:

Heal the

Release yourself from deep-seated negative emotions from the past.

Reduce Anxiety

Recover positive thinking, perspective and joy in every aspect of your life.

Overcome Obstacles

Replace old patterns that do not benefit you with healthy habits that last.

Trusted by Medical Professionals

Hospitals, doctors, and mental health providers refer us because you won’t find anyone like us in all of Indiana. We are one of the few clinical hypnotherapy practitioners using cutting-edge techniques to get to the core triggers to help you break through faster.

Our services help the following and more!



Personal Goals

Free Yourself

Restore balance to your life

Our scientifically-proven hypnosis methods suppress the ego and speak directly to the subconscious where we are far more suggestible. This is why so many of our patients report positive results after just 1 session.

3-Session Discount

Save on our services when you book a 3-session package. Many issues are resolved within 3-6 sessions.

Custom Made for you

We customize treatment based on your unique background and goals to help you get the most out of every session!

Medically Tested

Cleveland Clinic reports a more than 80% rate of positive outcomes from each session using our specific type of hypnotherapy.


another Happy Client

"Linda did more for me than two years in therapy for my issues. I didn't realize how unhappy I truly was until I was on the other side looking at it. I have a whole new mindset and view my relationships in a healthier way."

Start Living the Life You Deserve!