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Linda Akers, RN, CHT-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ms. Akers has a Bachelor’s Degree concentrating in Psychology and received a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing (BSN) from Indiana University School of Nursing. She has experience in Pediatrics at various Indiana University Health Hospitals including Riley Children’s Hospital, and area mental/behavioral health hospitals.

In addition to studying under psychiatrists from Yale and other renowned hypnotherapists at Cleveland Clinic, she holds certifications in hypnotherapy for adults and children.

She maintains an extensive referral network with fellow healthcare providers. She also volunteers to provide services to underprivileged youths in the community and through research centers.

Our Story

Ms. Akers father, Dr. James Hill, was a Yale School of Medicine graduate and Chief of Psychiatry at the VA Medical Center, with more than 50 years of clinical hypnotherapy experience. Together, Ms. Akers and Dr. Hill were to open a private practice specializing in pediatrics and mental illness.

Unfortunately, her father unexpectedly became ill and passed. Ms. Akers has honored her father’s memory by opening The Key Hypnotherapy.

The Key Hypnotherapy uses cutting-edge techniques and evidence-based research that leave patients feeling revitalized and refreshed while addressing one’s core issues and inner belief systems for lasting results.

Linda Akers, RN, CHT-Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
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