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A calm person is more open to guidance.  Hypnosis is the best tool for extreme relaxation that one often cannot achieve on their own while staying awake: the theta brainwave.  This relaxation is not sleep, but is a higher state of focus and awareness similar to how you feel when immersed in a good book.  In fact, you may go in and out of this state naturally throughout the day without realizing it.

Once in this relaxed state, our therapy techniques will enhance your ability to self-regulate your emotions and behaviors while addressing the core issues surrounding why you continue the pattern even though you don’t want to.  Helping you to feel more in-control is truly life changing and is a great complement to any current therapy.

We perform hypnotherapy, which is a much better and impactful technique than hypnosis alone.  As with all therapy, it is not a magic cure but is a tool that helps to bring about meaningful changes in those who are ready and willing for it.  

In many cases, hypnotherapy works faster in children because they are more imaginative and they don’t have a lifetime of negative patterns and internal automatic feedback loops that adults often have.  In addition, medicating children at a young age can cause permanent damage to their physical and cognitive development whereas hypnotherapy doesn’t require medication to work.  Hypnotherapy has zero side effects other than feeling calm, that cannot be said about any medicines that currently exist.

Hypnotherapy is remarkable at enhancing your talents, skills and abilities to allow you to be your best.  There are numerous studies that show a reduction of anxiety and stress, and added confidence are some of the many benefits of hypnotherapy.  When you combine that with visual motor rehearsal within the subconscious makes for a dramatic improvement in many of my pro and student athletes.

In addition, you will leave the office feeling relaxed and refreshed immediately and thus, more creative.  Because of this, there are less barriers to performing at your highest level than ever before.

I have treated innovators of all backgrounds and levels of leadership, with great results. In fact, those with a success mindset often experience changes even faster. Many of my patients schedule sessions regularly as a “tune up” and look forward to it as you would a spa/life coaching session. We now offer corporate wellness packages that can help with motivation and work-life balance. 

Experts have shown that hypnotherapy can be performed on children as young as 3, but ages 5 or older yield the best results from this therapy because of their ability to follow instructions and their more advanced stage of cognitive development.  It is ideal to start children in hypnotherapy as soon as they exhibit abnormal behavior, so they are treated before dysfunctional patterns emerge that continue into adulthood.

The most important thing you can do is to be honest with yourself about why you are seeking treatment.  We require the patient intake form to be completed prior to a therapy session because it allows us to tailor your treatment for the best results possible.  After completing the form, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment that has additional information that helps you get the most from your treatment.

Hypnosis is unique in that it does not have any side effects other than feeling extremely relaxed. You have everything to gain with it.

About 90% of my patients are extremely relaxed and much calmer after a hypnotherapy session. I help your brain to reorganize what it considers important and therefore help you to gain more control over your priorities, but I don’t change your personality. Most people see positive changes in their personalities i.e., less anxious or reduced impulsivity, especially when targeting those specific behaviors.

The majority of people attain symptom relief in the first few sessions and have long-term success after about 6 sessions, especially when addressing the core emotions. 

You should check if your insurance will cover hypnotherapy sessions in part or in full. Insurance is always changing coverage, so you may want to check again as it may be accepted.

Many Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA’s) will reimburse when hypnotherapy is prescribed.  Again, please check with your plan. 

If you are finding our sessions helpful, you may want to check with your employer to see if they will cover the cost.

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